Community Membership

After six years of developing a self-directed, intentional learning community for children, it’s become increasingly clear that the actualized vision of an Agile Learning Community goes far beyond “a school for children”. Self-Directed Education is a whole life process and practice. It’s not just for kids; it actually can’t be, because the adults are the naturally the facilitators of this process.

Many parents come to us looking for a place that will restore joy and peace to their child, or because they want to make sure they never lose it in the first place. It’s very common for the parents to soon realize their role in this process is not a passive one. We are embracing this reality as we take steps towards creating more of an all ages ALC so that, as adults in this community, we are actively modeling, deschooling, and creating the lives we want with our children.

Before applying to enroll children in our school, families will need to apply for Community Membership. If the family intends to enroll children at ALC Mosaic, the community membership and child enrollment process will take place together.

To learn more about Community Membership, please review our Community Membership Agreement — a document that all community members sign before joining.

If you’re here looking to explore enrollment in ALC Mosaic for your child, and you’ve read the Community Membership Agreement, please review our enrollment process below:

If you are interested in joining ALC Mosaic as an individual member (not enrolling children), please complete the Individual Community Membership Application.

Admissions for Roots & Branches


Flexible admissions schedule: Currently accepting applications for the 2019-20 school year, based on space availability.

Rolling enrollment: Since each student’s curriculum is self-generated, you can enroll any time during the school year. Tuition is prorated for the portion of the school year enrolled.

Tuition: Tuition is offered on a sliding scale, making ALC Mosaic the most affordable private school in Charlotte, NC. Learn more about our trust-based approach to tuition here.

Admissions Process

Step 1: Research: Explore the ALC educational model and our comprehensive FAQ page . Visit our Resources page to find links to articles, websites, videos & books that have inspired the school.

Learn more about Self-Directed Education to understand the underlying philosophy of our school.

Follow us on Facebook, to get a sense of the school and see the day-to-day in action.

Step 2: Attend: Attend a tour or a parent interest night. Check dates and RSVP here.

Step 3: Apply: First complete our Community Membership Application (for a family). You can read about community membership at the top of this page. Please do! Then, complete an online application for each child you’re wanting to enroll and pay the $25 application fee.

Step 4: Webinar and Family Interview: We’ll reach out after we get your application to let you know if a spot may be open or if you’ll be added to our waiting list. Once a spot is open, we’ll ask you to watch a prerecorded webinar about ALCs and Self-Directed Education. We’ll set up a time for a family interview to connect and to discuss your experience of the webinar.

Step 5: Visiting Week(s): If we are all feeling aligned after the family interview, we’ll invite you and your child for a visiting week. A visiting week allows the family to experience what it is like to be here and lets us to make sure our community can effectively support and integrate the new family. Your child can attend a one or two week “trial period” ($100.00 for one week; $175 for two weeks). This longer visit allows students to participate in the variety of experience at Mosaic since each day is different.

Step 6: Final Enrollment: At the conclusion of the visiting week, we’ll seek feedback from the other students and collectively we’ll discuss what support may be involved in integrating the new student.

If we are all in alignment around enrollment, you will complete your enrollment by paying a deposit of 20% of the annual tuition offer and executing the final enrollment documents.