ALC Mosaic is the beginning of a new kind of education. Instead of memorizing facts, we invent and problem solve. Instead of individual subjects, we explore the world around us. Instead of bells running our schedule, we immerse ourselves in our learning and make our own decisions. Our students have the opportunity to develop their passions and strengths all day, every day.

This is the kind of education the world needs right now.

The vast majority of jobs our children will have in adulthood don’t even exist yet. Our kids need to learn how to learn; they need to be able to create, self-direct, collaborate, and adapt. This is why ALC Mosaic exists.

We are small, but powerful. We are joining with others to build critical mass for a new paradigm of education. We serve families from all backgrounds, and we never want financial need to keep a child from getting the education they deserve.

And we want to provide this vital, evolved educational experience to as many kids as we can -- kids that will grow up to be the entrepreneurs, innovators, and change-makers the world needs.

Will you help us? To expand our reach, we need the resources to keep our school running: to employ the best staff, grow our culture intentionally, and give the kids everything they need to be successful learners.

A tax-deductible gift of any amount will help us to invest in our students, our community, and the future of our world. By giving our kids the power to explore their passions, we are investing in the future. Will you invest, too? Let's change the world, one powerful child at a time.


Or, support ALC Mosaic and while sporting some ALC apparel.