ALC Mosaic is primarily supported through the tuition paid by its families. In determining our tuition process, we’ve focused on a few important ideas — trust, access, and responsibility. The culture of an ALC is rooted in trust. We are committed to developing relationships of trust with call community members.

ALC Mosaic seeks to be available to people based on right fit, not income level, so we operate on a sliding scale, contribute-what-you-can model. Our community is co-created in partnership with and for its members.

As we grow, we try to balance accessibility with sustainability. We are always looking at our tuition process to make sure we’re being responsible to our current families and to the future health of the community.

We ask all families considering ALC Mosaic to review North Carolina’s Opportunity Scholarship Program and apply if eligible.

Our flexible approach is also made possible by generous donations from various individuals and organizations. If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to ALC Mosaic, you can use PayPal or send us a check.

Tuition Tier Chart
Tier Stated Income Recommended Annual Tuition Level Roots Half-Day Per Diem Recommended Tuition**
1 > $30,000 $1,200 $440
2 > $40,000 $2,000 $440
3 > $50,000 $3,000 $440
4 > $60,000 $4,000 $587
5 > $70,000 $5,000 $733
6 > $80,000 $6,000 $880
7 > $90,000 $7,200 $1,056
8 > $100,000 $8,500 $1,247
9 > $120,000 $10,200 $1,496
10 > $140,000 $11,900 $1,745

Determining your contribution

Here’s how we determine the tuition each family pays:

  • Review the Tuition Tier Chart above to see what our recommended tuition level is for your income* level. Currently, the minimum tuition level is $1,200 and the maximum is $11,900. We ask families who are able to pay more than the full tuition to consider making a tax-deductible donation to help us increase our accessibility.

    • *Total family income is all gross income sources including but not limited to: salary, child support, support from family, trusts, etc.

    • **This is the recommended per diem rate for our half-day Roots program for ages 2-4. To determine your total annual tuition recommendation for the half-day program, find the tier that matches your income level and multiply the corresponding per diem rate by the number of days per week for which you are applying. Example: Tier 5 applying for 3 days/week would be $733 x 3 = $2,199/year.

  • Consider the recommendation you get from the Tuition Tier Chart and see if that can work for your family. Can you afford it? Can you contribute more? If so, consider applying for a higher tier than the recommendation, or making a tax-deductible donation. If you can’t afford the recommendation, choose a tier that feels generous and responsible to you.

  • Our Finance Working Group will review the tuition offer and determine if we have space at the tier for which you’re applying. If so, the offer will be accepted. If not, you’ll be placed on a waiting list for that tier. We’ll most definitely communicate with you throughout the process!